Friday, 12 December 2008

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Donation Drive

Our first issue of the magazine is already generating a lot of interest. We have had a great response to our calls and the magazine looks as though it will be jam packed with content, however the submission process is taking up a lot of time. I have tons of emails to get through daily and a lot of surfing this is on top of writing the magazine. I have decided that the best way to deal with this is to create a gallery and forum for all the magazine submissions and discussion. This will of course cost money, after some consideration i decided to have a donation drive. I didn't want to charge for advertising or kit submissions as i felt it would take away the reason for the magazine which is free advertising for designers and shop owners. I would however like to take some of your time and your talent. I would like to create a wonderful collab kit, i wont be specifying a theme so you can just give what you have. In return you get a featured designer place in the magazine this gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself as a designer to the readers ( remember the magazine is free so there will be many) show off your three favorite kits and link to your store. You will be a featured designer in both January and february's issue of the magazine.

Please email me to show your interest

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